Products and Services

We have a vast range of products and services which include:


Technical Store

We ensure our marine parts are gathered from well known marine principals with transparent records. All of our stores provide reliable and durable equipment.


Deck and Engine Store

If you require ship accessories and marine equipment for your deck, engines, or cabins, we can provide. Particularly our local warehouse has safety equipment, brushes, tools, rust movers, charts, nautical publications, flags, and much more. Further to this, we deliver engine stores in particular bolts, screws, steel, tools, and heavy machinery


Electrical Store

In all voltage forms, we can supply you with electrical equipment from a simple light bulb, to the most state of the art piece of electricals. Our in depth knowledge of products and the global market, allows us to meet your electrical requirements rapidly. As well as getting them to you on time.


Safety Equipment

At Jeddah Anchor, we go a step further and prioritize the safety and protection of your passengers and crew. Therefore we can make sure you have the best safety equipment, fire protection, and firefighting system.
By having the correct safety and rescue equipment on board, you will also meet regular compliance checks and minimize the chances of an accident onboard.


Provisions and Bonded Store

We supply top range fresh, frozen, and dry provisions storing them in our warehouse. Anything fresh like fruit or vegetables we purchase daily from the market. In addition to this, we supply rations, liquors, tobacco, cigarettes, televisions, gift items, and much more.
All of our provisions meet local and international compliance checks.


Medical Supplies

Whether you need medicines, medical equipment, or safety products, we can supply them based on your demand.
All of these supplies are strictly checked and pass strict compliance standards.


Bridge Stores

Due to a new print on demand technology, we offer a significant number of charts and publications in less than 24 hours. Further to this, we can also supply navigational products, such as clocks, flags of all nations, logbooks, hydrometers, electronic charts, sextants, plotting tools, and many other items.


Cabin Stores

We can supply many things for your ship’s cabins ranging from soap to bedding and galley equipment. Our cabin stores have some of the finest equipment from all over the world. It’s important to us, our clients and individual seafarers are satisfied.


Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

To ensure strict sanitary and safety conditions are met, we supply the most durable and high-grade PPE. In particular, we supply head protection, eye protection, ear protection, breathing protection, and face protection. We also provide safety footwear, hardhats, coveralls, safety glasses, gloves, and much more.


Gallery Equipment

For your gallery, we can supply the following: Different types of beverage equipment, various cooking equipment, dishwashing equipment, food preparation equipment, laundry equipment, refrigeration equipment, serving equipment, and stainless steel equipment. If anything is not on the list, we will be more than happy to supply it.


Customer Support

Our team is devoted to fulfilling every client’s needs; to achieve this, we provide round the clock customer support. We efficiently oversee the coordination and clearance of ship spares. We do this by safely transporting them to our warehouse and immediately delivering them to your vessel alongside your ordered stores.
Simply co-sign the spares to our address in the form of faxing the AirWayBill, Bill of Lading, and Proforma Invoice to our Customer Spares Department.
Upon this notification, we will ensure they arrive at your designated airport or seaport, two days in advance of your ship docking. Also, we can deliver the product to your ship in the anchorage area in case requested.